Fairfax Modern

The concept of this home as intersecting or juxtaposing cubes with textures and materials woven together, is softened by the use of fine textured foliage of the grasses and trees. Some evergreen denser plants such as the Coffeeberry provide a dark green backdrop to the grasses, but don’t overwhelm the design. The planting is done sparsely but feels complete. Where needed for screening or privacy, larger shrubs were installed, but overall the scale is very human.  The significance of this project is that a home with different aesthetics can blend into an older residential neighborhood in terms of proportion, mass, and context. Using grasses in harmonious colors and textures illustrates a softer option for drought tolerant planting design than cactus and succulents.  This project illustrates the blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces and the strategic placement of plants, water features, and material changes can extend views across the property, making it feel much larger than anticipated on a small city lot.